Hello again, old friend!


It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? What’s new since 2015?

We live in Chicago now. I moved here to study directing, and hopefully to work as a director.

I ran the Chicago Marathon again.

Chicago Marathon Done!

I ran the Goofy Challenge and then the WDW Marathon again.

Marathon Done!

I ran the WDW Wine and Dine Half Marathon on my own.

Wine & Dine, done!

I ran the Ditka Dash 5K twice – once on my own, and once with others.

I pretty much stopped running after that.

Performing, too.

I directed for a sec for the theatre I wanted to work for, realized I was really unhappy and stopped doing that job.

I worked for Lush for almost 2 years, which I liked but scheduling became a problem and I decided to hit the reset button on my life, so I stopped doing that job, too.

Right now I’m teaching improv and teaching sketch-comedy writing, doing some freelance directing and figuring out what’s what.

I’m starting to run again, but I’m sticking to 5Ks and 10Ks for now. I’ve gained weight and lost conditioning, so there’s work to be done.

My blog crashed and I wasn’t sure I wanted to start it back up again because… why… but then I realized that I’d be sad to have lost all the posts I wrote. The race reports that are like a diary of when I felt really strong. I’m not sure how strong I feel right now. I’m working on it.

I’m giving myself permission to slow down, rediscover what makes me happy (performing, running, writing about it) and put those back up front in my life.

I’ve got some races lined up for this summer, and I’ll keep you posted on those.

Who knows, maybe I’ll start podcasting again.

So. Hello. What’s new with you?


What's on your mind?