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As a Galloway Blogger, I’m able to bring you exclusive tips from the man himself! Jeff Galloway has made the concept of endurance running a reality for so many people who thought they were incapable of such a feat (myself included). His methods and techniques are solid, and intended to keep you running injury-free for life! Take it away, Jeff!


The training journey for a marathon or half marathon raises your body’s physical performance capability and your sense of what you can do in life.

Running helps to bring body, mind and spirit together in a unique and wonderful way

In researching my book MENTAL TRAINING I discovered that running turns on brain circuits for a better attitude more vitality and empowerment better than other activities studied.

In researching my book RUNNING UNTIL YOU’RE 100 I found numerous studies showing that runners have healthier orthopedic units than non runners even after decades of running.


When a runner takes walk breaks early and often enough for the individual the muscles are strong to the end.  See RUN WALK RUN at for recommendations by pace per mile.

The “exhaustion wall” can be avoided by running longer long runs up to or beyond race distance-using the appropriate run-walk-run strategy.

Marathoners tend to improve time by an average of more than 15 minutes when they increase their longest run from 20 miles to 26 miles.

To recover fast, run the long runs at least 2 min/mi slower than you could currently run in a marathon

The right run-walk-run strategy from the beginning of each run, gives any runner control over fatigue, injury-elimination, and recovery.

In numerous surveys, runners improved over 13 minutes when they shifted from running continuously to use of the right run-walk-run strategy.

I think the advice to take walk breaks early and often can’t be followed too closely. It’s a well-known and well-researched fact that starting a race too fast can lead to disaster later on. By forcing yourself to take walk breaks, even when you feel great and can’t imagine needing them later on, you’re allowing yourself to stay fresher and stronger for longer. It’s hard as heck to do on race day, but you’ll never, ever regret it.

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