Fire and Blood Virtual 5K medal revealed!


In case you haven’t heard, I am holding the Fire and Blood virtual 5K this fall in order to raise funds for RODS Racing (on whose behalf I’ll be running the Walt Disney World Marathon this coming January).

This year’s theme made sense, considering last year’s theme was “Winter is Coming”, a nod to the popular Game of Thrones series of books and HBO show, and the medal featured the words and sigil of House Stark. The medal was really great, and I wasn’t sure it could be topped.

Well, I was wrong. Here, for your admiration and longing is the proof for this year’s medal.

Look upon it and tremble!

See all those blue “x” marks? Those are cut-outs. This medal will be intricate and stunning!

Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan, a dragon aficionado, or you just like running for cool-ass medals, now is the time to sign up and make sure you don’t miss out. Entries are limited, so register today! $25 for this medal, and a printable, personalized bib, and the knowledge that you’re helping to fund the international adoption of a child with Down syndrome? Talk about your win/win/win!

Race details can be found on my Fire and Blood 5K information and registration page, but if you have any more questions, hit me up!



2 Replies to “Fire and Blood Virtual 5K medal revealed!”

  1. Hi! I read your post about organizing a virtual race. Thank you because it was very useful. I have another question though, about the size of the medal. What size did you choose for your 2 medals? Is it more than 3″? Thank you for your answer.

    1. I did a 3″ medal. It seemed like the most “medally” size!

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