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  1. I was reading your entry about setting up your virtual 5k but I had to go do something else and when I came back to it, I can no longer find the entry. I subscribed to your blog hoping that would help but I still don’t see it. I know it is an old entry but my son’s youth group is looking for a creative fundraiser and I need the pointers.

    Can you steer me back to your post?



  2. Hi Tabetha,
    Please be sure to keep me posted if you do another “Winter Is Coming” 5K virtual event this year for 2016.
    I did the past two years!
    Thank you,
    Jim S.
    I’m that guy from the south (U.S.A.)

    1. Hi Tabetha,
      Will you be doing another “Winter is Coming” virtual 5K event this year?

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