Blog School is BACK, Baby!


When I first started out on this Blogging journey, I was a babe in the woods. Completely lost, exposed and unprotected. Then along came Rita Barry and her Blog School and suddenly I was emboldened! I went from plunking away on a free Blogger site, to acquiring my own domain and self-hosting.

I developed a greater understanding of social media.

I started to understand how to make my blog straight up better. I’m still learning and I’m still applying the lessons, but I’ll tell you what… I feel a whole heck of a lot better about where I’m headed, largely because I can see the route now.

And that’s all thanks to Rita. That’s all thanks to Blog School.

I am so glad I took a chance on something new, and because I did, I am able to offer you this amazing early Valentine’s Day gift! You want to “try before you buy”? Have a look at these FREE lessons from Rita available right now:


Want to snazz up your blog, get more followers, better understand how this whole she-bang works? Click on through and get yourself some free help, and then decide from there if you want to commit to the whole program.

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link – if you use this link to purchase a Blog School tuition, I receive remuneration (although I’d promote this thing for free – it’s that good).

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