21 Day Fix EXTREME – my thoughts so far


Admittedly I’m less than a week into the program, but I thought now would be a good time to allay any fears people might have surrounding this program. I mean, it’s called 21 Day Fix EXTREME – emphasis on the “EXTREME”, right?

I was apprehensive about starting it since I notoriously under-estimate my level of fitness or my ability to stick with something long-term (I know, my 4 marathons should have cured me of that by now), but I dove in head-first on Monday of this week.

First of all, if you’ve done 21 Day Fix, but are afraid to take the leap I’m here to tell you – don’t be afraid. Yes the workouts are harder, yes the food lists are slightly different and there are no “treat swaps” (only ever very occasionally used them for wine, anyway), but the program remains the same easy-to-follow program it always has been.

Better yet, it comes with more recipes if you’re kitchen-challenged. I’ve used several of them so far and I’m astounded to discover I like poached fish. I always thought I disliked fish. Apparently I don’t!

I took a couple hours on Monday of this week (my day off) to prep food for my 11 hour days at the theatre Tuesday through Friday, something I haven’t really been too good at in the past. I quickly roasted some sweet potatoes, marinated and baked some chicken breasts and cooked up a half batch of the veggie egg cup recipe from the 21 Day Fix EXTREME recipe section. I also boiled some eggs. Once done, every thing went into bulk tupperware to be portioned out in the morning before I left.

My breakfasts have been either 2 Veggie Egg Cups with a slice of sprouted whole wheat bread, toasted with natural almond butter and a fruit serving.

Mid-morning (post workout) snack is Chocolate Shakeology with frozen fruit.

Lunch is a salad I’ve concocted with the baked chicken breast, a serving of sweet potato, spinach and a toss of either peppers or cucumbers topped with a dash of Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and a splash of Fig Balsamic Vinegar. So, SO good.

Mid-afternoon snacks are Edamame, Cucumbers and Hummus, and a fruit serving.

Dinners are late, but have been either fish and veggies or once I had a serving of the Turkey Chili recipe from the 21 Day Fix EXTREME – but I try to avoid that one at night because of the carbs involved and the time of day.

The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that I wake up hungry. To be fair, I also wake up late thanks to my hours, and it’s a good long stretch between my last meal and breakfast… But I’m fine throughout the day, I’m not hungry thanks to all the food allowed!

The workouts. Those are something. I’m not going to lie, you’ll catch me doubled over, gripping my knees and gasping for air more than once if you come watch me work out. But that’s a GOOD thing. These are workouts that will challenge you. There’s a modifier to follow, and even that will get you huffing and puffing – this is definitely something that will be an ongoing challenge as  you can make it harder for yourself with increasingly heavier weights and picking more advanced moves.

Autumn is her usual tough-love motivating self, starting each workout with a thought for the day.

I like these workouts so far. Every time I’ve done them there’s been a temporal shift in the 8 minute to 20 minute range. I don’t know what it is, but I look at the clock around the 8 minutes, think “This will never end”, and the next time I look we’re almost done. No time to think, I guess!

Here’s something I’m doing that makes my life a lot easier when I’m out and about, too. I use a Filofax Personal Planner for my day-to-day scheduling, and I’ve created a chart which shows me what I’ve eaten, and what I’ve got left for every day of the week.

21 Day Fix chart2


The inserts are a design by DIYFish on Easy, and she’s got a bunch of great options for peoples’ various needs. This weekly page is just one of the pieces of the organizational puzzle. Check out her designs for yourself!

So at the end of week one, I’m down 3 pounds, which I’m pleased with considering I’m within 20 pounds of my arbitrary goal weight. It won’t come off super fast, but it’ll come off!

If you’re interested in learning more about 21 Day Fix, comment below, or check out my Beachbody website.

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